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About Kaj Ekman b.02.03.1964 

Main education
- Sports massage therapist 1996-1997 

Other education
- University of physical science, Jyväskylä: Faculty of Physical Education, 36 study-units; e.g. anatomy basics, biology basics, nervous-muscle system´s kinesiology, motion basics, sport psychology, motion pedagogy, during 1985- 1988. Studies never completed due to total contribution to my sports career

Courses i.a
- Military academy: Officer Examination 1985
- B-level Examination in club coaching 1985
- A-level Examination in coaching 1997 

Special skills
Ability to inspire and motivate athletes 
Sports massage therapy
Knowledge of preventing/healing cramps and tears
Advice and programs for athletes to achieve top condition after injury/surgery
Supporting mind and preparing muscles for optimal performance during competition

Career as athlete
National champion in decathlon 1988
National champion in decathlon 1990
Competed in several international meets and in European championships 1983-1993

Personal record
in Decathlon: 7931p. 1991 

Best individual results 
100m 10.6sec 
long jump 6.93m
shot put 14.96m
high jump 2.04m
400m 47.00sec
110h 14.61sec
discus 48.54m
polevalt 4.80m
javelin 65.10m
1500m 4.13.8

Competed every year in different events with various success 1994-2004
Competed in the national championships, 200m 2004 

Working experience
My own practice for juniors to top level athletes in my hometown Vaasa 1997-2019
Muscle therapist for VPS (soccer team in highest league in Finland) 1999-2002, 2006-2009
Muscle therapist for VPS (soccer team in division 1) 2003-2005
Muscle therapist in the Academy of sports excellence, Qatar 15/5 2005-31/1 2006

Employed as a physiotherapist by the Finnish Goverment
Match between nations combined events, (decathlon, heptathlon) 1999, Sweden
European cup, combined events jun.2000, France
National match FIN – SWE, all events aug. 2000, Sweden
European cup, combined events jul. 2001, Finland
National match FIN – SWE, all events aug. 2001, Sweden European cup, combined events jun. 2002, Italy
European cup, all events jul. 2002, Finland
European championships aug. 2002, Germany
European championships, indoor march 2005
World championships in Helsinki aug. 2005
European championchips in Gotenburg aug. 2006, Sweden
National match FIN-SWE, all events aug 2007, Sweden 

Training camps with national and international top level athletes Longjump 1999, Greece 
Decathlon 1999, Portugal Decathlon 2000, Portugal
Sprinters 2000, France
Decathlon, highjump, longjump, hammertrow 2001, South-Africa
Sprinters 2001, Spain
Decathlon, javelin, triplejump, highjump, hammertrow, polevault 2002, South-Africa
Heptathlon, highjump, longjump 2002, Spain
Polevault,sprinters, triplejump, hurdles, heptathlon 2002, Italy
Sprinters, highjump, decathlon, hepathlon, shotput, discus 2003, South-Africa Sprinters, heptathlon, triplejump 2003, Italy
Sprinters, Olympic goldmedalists Tonique Williams and Debbie Ferguson and others January 2004 The Bahamas
Sprinters April 2004, The Canary Islands
Training camp with Olympic goldmedalist in shotput, Arsi Harju May 2004, Hungary
Preparationcamp for The Olympics with Frantz Kruger, Heli Koivula-Kruger and Mia Strömmer June 2004, Greece 

Project Helsinki 2005 with all the best athletes January 2005, South-Africa
Aspire athletes January 2005 South-Africa
Aspire athletes June 2005, Germany July 2005, Austria January 2006, South- Africa
Javelin trowers Mikaela Ingberg and Tero Järvenpää, San Diego, USA April 2010

Coaching experience
Trainer of Finnish champion in long jump, Kenneth Kastren 2001-2003
Physical and mental trainer for VPS soccer team 2001 (end of season) 2004
Physical trainer for FC Kiisto (division 2) 2005
Laihian Lujattaret 2006-2007
VPS liigassa 6. 2001

Special coaching experience
Leader/organisator of 3 camps for soccer teams, when they needed to have a lift up of the mental attitude and the fighting spirit. All the camps were held in the beginning of august and more or less due to camps it resulted as the teams being the best in their league for the remaining season.

Leader/organisator of camp for Laihian Lujattaret 2007 Physical coach for injuried soccer players in the Academy of sports excellence, Qatar 15/5 2005-31/1 2006

Language skills Finnish, Swedish, English, (French)

Description of myself
My own long career as an athlete (competing 47 years in a row!) has been helpful tool in understanding how the athletes mind and body responses to different stimulus. My knowledge and skills are based on field experiences from working with top level athletes. Taking into consideration my entire experience and my wide vision in sports I´m considered by many athletes and coaches as one of the leading muscle therapist in Finland.

The information presented above can be verified by the Finnish Amateur Athletic Association.
Finnish Amateur Athletic Association
Member of the I.A.A.F Helsinki 19.09.2002

I give information concerning Kaj Ekman´s working efforts for the Finnish Amateur Athletic Association by following:

Sports massage therapist Kaj Ekman has between 1988-2002 been several times employed as the responsible physiotherapist for the Finnish national team in training camps in South-Europe and in South-Africa. Also employed for international meets (for example the European championships in MUNCHEN 06.-11.08.2002).

All his duties (tapeing the athletes, muscle support), has he without exception performed with excellent professionalism and with a selfsacrificeing attitude.

As a former topathlete and familiar with sportstraining and its supporting acts, he has with special activety brought forward to athletes and coaches significant information about:

nutritional aspects prior and during competition, psychological factors, mental concentration, refueling fluids etc.

As far as it comes to the Finnish Amateur Athletic Association, we will also in the future employ Kaj Ekman as a leading expert in above mentioned areas in Finland.

Jarmo Mäkelä
Topathlete Leader
Finnish Amateur Athletic Association

Translated from finnish to english by
Kaj Ekman, 21.1.2004